Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bowing to Brazil part 2

So since yesterday didn't let me upload all the pics I wanted, here is a post with more of the pretty....


*i'm pretty sure she is fussing at him for cheating*

*Bella seducing...GET IT GIRL!*

*wedding ring...DEAD*

*can we please observe his thigh muscles 0_0!*

*her legs...his ARMS!*

*dies of cuteness overload*


*0_0!!! GAH, HIS ARMS...*drools*

Monday, November 15, 2010

We Bow to You Brazil...

Hello to my followers...if there are any still left. There has been a serious lack of blogging on my part, and I take all the blame. I recently got a full-time job back closer to where I live at the university I attended as a student.

Some updates on life before we bow down and kiss Brazil's feet...or sand...whatever.

1.) As a new full-time employee of the university, I had to attend a "new employee orientation". It's where you receive info on insurance, retirement, and all kinds of other stuff I did not understand. We were literally in that conference room for 3 hours getting bombarded with heavens knows what kind of ridiculous insurance crap. This is what I felt like during that meeting....

2.) I had a mini freak out today because I realized my wedding is only about 5 months away. So much to do, and I cannot bring myself to make any decisions. I'm afraid the decorations are not going to look good or I won't get the piano player I want. #STRESSTIME! Fair warning, this will be me sooner rather than later.

So today I went and had my bridal gown fitted. I tried on a size 4 in the store (which fit) except the lady said since it laced up, I would need a smaller size for it to look right. She ordered me a 0 petite

yeah...pretty much my reaction to that. I went today to try it on and mom couldn't fasten the hook. AWESOME!!!!!!! So the lady came in and helped and got the hooks fastened. However, my close relationship with french fries will have to part ways for the next few months. *sad face*. But in celebration of this fan-freaking-tastic news, I got two hot dogs from Pals. bahahahaha!

Okay, on to the stuff you guys actually care about. Brazil is pretty much the bomb diggity. I don't know how in the world we got so lucky, but I'm not questioning it. The first pictures that came out were of Rob and Kristen filming the boat scene. Then came the epic gif of Kristen instructing Rob on how to drive the speedboat. Cracked my shit up!!!!!

Then we got pics of them filming in the streets of Rio...which was pretty much the best pictures EVER! We all pretty much exploded with excitement upon first seeing them. Couple that with all the fan videos of them hugging, kissing, touching and we thought we hit the motherload. The next fews days were pretty much a tease. People kept tweeting about new pics that were supposed to come out and videos. For about three nights straight, I slept with my iPod open to Twitter all night. Crazy much?!? why would you every say that????

I just hope and pray that this doesn't mean we'll have an all out drought for the next 5 months. Seriously, I will shoot someone. Not really, but you understand how we will all feel. But the last few days have given us even better pics than the Rio day filming. Instead of yapping more, I will just share some of the epicness and pretty.


***For some reason blogger isn't letting me upload more pics, so I'll create another blog post just for pretty pics ;-)