Thursday, June 24, 2010

Facepalm, Epic Fail, With a Lil Bit of Win

This post will be a short one (maybe). Just wanted to address a couple of things.

Numero Uno: Does anyone else feel like we’ve seen the same interviews for the Eclipse press tour over and over and over and over again? I don’t mean literally the same interviews…but it might as well be, because they ask the same DAMN questions every single freaking interview!!!!!!!!!!!! “What was it like…the three of you working together,” “How was it filming the Jacob/Bella kiss?” “Taylor, how did you maintain the muscle for this 3rd movie…do u still eat beef patties?” “Was it like wearing that little spandex grey wolf suit?” “What was it like to film the tent scene?” “Tell us about the love triangle.” Seriously, if I hear “love triangle” one more time in an interview, I’m gonna flip my wig!

But the absolute worst question has to be, “So Kristen…Team Edward or Team Jacob?” I mean REALLY!!! How many times does the girl have to answer that question??? It like no answer she gives is good enough. In a nutshell….have you ppl read the books? Kristen supports Bella’s decisions and would follow her gut. This=Edward. Boom bobbit, DONE! Question answered. No wonder she hates this question so much. She’s probably run out of ways to answer it.

I feel like a certain series of questions get established at the beginning of these press tours. After that, the same series of questions circulate through the entire press tour, and it’s like no one can ask something different! I don’t know how they do it. Someone on Twitter last night was talking about if she were Kristen, she would just start making stuff up to amuse herself. One big question that would have been fabulous to ask was about the proposal scene. I don’t care what the question is but anything would have been good. We got NOTHING! I mean zip, nada. I did not hear a single interviewer ask about that scene. It was only questions about the tent scene. I’m really looking forward to that scene, but I totes tired of hearing about it. Am I dumb, or does no one else see the proposal as a vital piece of the story? I heard one person ask about the proposal scene…and it was an interviewer on the red carpet for the Yellow Handkerchief premiere!!! *facepalm* Can I please interview next go around….yes, thanks!

Numero Dos:
Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get a picture of Rob and Kristen together on the red carpet for the premiere tonight? I mean together, without Taylor. I love him and everything…but it feels like this movie has turned into a Jacob/Bella romance instead of the Edward/Bella romance we all came to love. Rob/Kristen actually play the COUPLE in the movie…so is it too hard to let them pose together? Probably. I’m crossing my fingers though. I will be awake for this thing (which will be way past my bedtime), so I better get something worth staying up till the wee hours of the morning for! Seriously, I will not be a happy camper.

I LEGIT wish I had one of these buttons on my keyboard…I would push it all the time!!! ;-) especially when it comes to Summit’s promo fail of Edward/Bella

ECLIPSE in one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R you all excited, cause I can’t freaking wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone catch Jimmy Kimmel last night when the camera shot to the theater watching Eclipse? I saw a meadow scene! Let me be honest, I rewound that .2 blip of second clip to try and figure out what Edward said to Bella. It looked like “Marry Me!” 0_0 DEAD!

And while I'm writing, these two awesome gifts came out.

1.) ummm, yes please!!!!!!!!!!

2.) DEAD...seriously, just cannot form coherent thoughts at the moment.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fandom Suckage

For some unknown reason, I cannot log into blogger at work and it’s KILLING ME! So I’m typing this post in a Word document, and hopefully it will get posted on the site sometime soon.

There are some points I want to address in this post. It seems like things in this Twilight/Rob/Kristen fandom have gotten a little out of control lately. Okay “a little” is an understatement…things have gotten BIG TIME outta control. During the Eclipse TwiCon Press Tour this, fans had a wonderful opportunity to attend the panel with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. Now, some of us aren’t lucky enough to go to every single event Twilight related…I’m not even lucky enough to go to 1. So we depend on the fans that do get the privilege of going to record these events. And how do we get rewarded…………….by having peeps scream thru the whole event!!!!!!!!! I mean honestly! What is the point in going if you don’t even listen to what they are actually saying?!? Some of us actually do care. This was me trying to listen to the videos ppl uploaded…

And the things some “fans” scream out during these events are down-right ridic! Totally embarrassing. Like shouting to Rob, “I NEED YOU!” Really??? Do you actually think he finds that attractive/funny/cute? No, that=creepy.

And then the other day, the ER thing went down. Supposedly ER closed her Twitter account because of crazy Twi-fans sending her nasty messages. Whether that is the truth or not is questionable. Some of her comments on Leno did come off as a bit snarky, but the tweets sent to her because of it are inexcusable. Seriously ppl, how old are you??? This fandom gets a bad name because unfortunately there are those individuals that do not have that brain-to-mouth filter. You give actual “sane” fans like us a bad name. Rob and Kristen are adults. They are certainly capable of taking care of themselves. No wonder Kristen hates Twitter. I just hope she never sees how much backstabbing and trash talk really goes on.

On another note, I completely understand if you do not care for someone. To each their own. We all have those ppl in our lives. But most of us are mature enough to look past it and just not talk to and/or about that person. But to stoop to the level of this is just sad and completely disgusting. Here is a quote from someone on YouTube. The comment was on a video of Kristen dropping her award at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards…

"AHAHAHAHAH I LOL'D SO HARD AT THIS AHAHAHAHHA. Kristen, you're retarded. Just as every Twilight poor and mediocre cast member. I hope you lose your clitoris in a very weird and funny way, you untalented and timid peace of shit. "

What type of person wishes that on someone? There are people that I don't care for, but never in a million years would I wish such a horrible thing. Whoever wrote this needs a serious reality check. GROW UP!!!!

I have read so many things that people have written about Kristen (and Rob too) that just make me cringe. It’s really funny how all her fans say she is the sweetest, kindest person EVER! But you have reporters and gossip columnists saying all these negative things like, “She needs to stand up straight, she needs to dress up more, she needs to smile more.” Okay, first off, the whole smiling thing hits a huge nerve for me. I mean HUGE. For every picture that you find of her not smiling, I will find 3 of her smiling to counter that one. The biggest place they hound her for it is at events and premieres where there is like a billion flashing lights going off in her face. She has even admitted to the energy being thrown at her at these things is overwhelming. And they crucify her for not smiling at every single photographer. Well you get up there and see how you feel when ppl are screaming at you and telling you to do this and that. I’ve been to enough graduations to know that after awhile, you have to force yourself to smile after so many pics. You seriously feel like you have to unscrew the smile on your face when the pictures are done. Not so fun!

The worst excuse I hear is that, “well, she’s a celebrity…it comes with the territory. She asked for it.” Ummmm, no she didn’t! Making movies and bringing her characters to life is what she cares about…not all the Hollywood stuff. Sadly, it’s the opposite with most actors. They care too much about the parties, glitz, and glamour….

I’m sorry I thought actors were there to actually make movies, not be hounded by 30 paparazzi asking if you’re screwing Robert Pattinson! Seriously, the questions these paps ask are beyond intrusive. It’s harassment!!!!!! How do people not see that???? That’s why they call it a personal life…because it does not belong to anyone else except them. So please reporters, interviewers, etc. STOP ASKING THEM THAT FREAKING QUESTION ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! They aren’t gonna answer for a reason. How you have not figured that out yet is beyond me!

Okay, off my soap box for now. Funny little thing happened the other day while I was meeting with one of my students. She came in and was talking to me about some stuff…she saw my Bella poster hanging on the side of my filing cabinet (the one that came with the Eclipse soundtrack). So she asked me if I was excited for the movie to come out…..”uh duh!” lol. Then she proceeded to ask if I was Team Edward or the other guy. Me=”Team Edward definitely.” She said, “well, I’m that other guy…oh what’s his name…..TAYLOR!” haha. She couldn’t even remember his name. I had to resist the urge to bitchface her when she said Taylor. j/k! I guess I will have to forgive her lapse in judgment because she’s one of my students. ;-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Twi-Con (aka i'm now suffering from computer vision syndrome)

I knew Saturday was going to be pretty eventful with all that was going on with the TwiCon Press Tour. But I had no idea it was going to be THAT busy! Seriously, my eyes were glued on the computer screen...the entire FLIPPIN day!

Yeah, this was legit me trying to keep up with everything...well not literally me, but you get the picture. Thank goodness my dog decided to sleep all dang day.

So the exciting part came when Kristen, Rob, and Taylor were expected at the 7 pm panel (which was about 10:00 pm my time). Even though it was only 10, I was beyond tired at this point. I was impatiently waiting there arrival at 7:00 sharp and saw the tweet that said, "THEY'RE HERE!!!" I got all giddy and excited, then that feeling was squashed in like 2 seconds when another tweet came out saying, "false alarm, they aren't here yet?" What??? How is that even possible to mistake?!?!?! The tweets in response to this was freaking hilarious! "It's apparition Rob from NM!" "It's ghost Rob!" I was cracking up! When I'm really tired, I get super giggly, and these tweets were totes making me roll. The best was when the girls on Twitter were making nerdy jokes at the ppl in the audience doing the wave. "Please make them come to the stage, these ppl are starting to do the wave!" I was giggling so hard at one point my brother was like, "WHAT are you laughing at???" So when they finally came 40 minutes later!...some pretty great stuff went down.

We were seeing things like, "Taylor points to Kristen and tells rob, "don't you sleep with her in it?"" and "rob said his favorite movie was The Runaways...Kristen said hers was Remember Me." We were all like...We need a video of this NOW!!!!!!!!!! (P.S. I get super jealous of all these events these peeps get to go to. We need some Twi-happenings in TN).

So when it dropped (all 18 videos...and counting) we all watched with wonder. My excitement immediately dissolved when I realized I couldn't understand what the F they were saying!!!! Seriously those screaming girls are embarrassing. It shows a serious lack of respect, especially shouting out some of the things these people did. What's the point of actually going to these things and screaming the whole way thru??? As much as we like to look at these ppl, some of us actually care to hear what they are saying!

Enuf bitchin, on to the good stuff. Let's just say they 3 of them up there together was a total WIN! I mean, honestly, I've never seen them more candid and bouncing off each other's humor than Saturday night. You could totally tell someone (*cough* Rob *cough*) hadn't had much sleep. He was super giggly and just let things dribble out of his mouth. It was amazing!!! The funniest part of that whole interview was when they were trying to get Rob to say nachos and he was like, "I thought you said Buttchunks!" Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me just tell you, I was DYING when I watched this! This was me....

This video cracks me UP! I die everytime I watch it. P.S. I have no clue what's going on in the very beginning of the vid. Ignore that.

Dude, you could tell Rob was in some serious need of sleep. But sleepy Rob gave us some good shit. Like this....

Too much went down in these past few days that I can't keep's a couple random bits.

Do you see the way he looks at her??? :-)

*Sigh* It's a extremely rare sight to see a man look at a woman the way he does with her.

0_0! UNF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me just give you a little piece of info. I have absolutely ZERO will power when it comes to new Twilight clips/tv spots...and I mean nada! If a new clip is posted, I'm clicking "play" in like .2 seconds. So, as I sit here pondering what to write next, this little gem comes out

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think every Twilight fan's hearts just exploded! I know I sat doe-eyed at the computer screen after replaying this about 20x. Normally that line would come across as super cheesy, but the way he says it....yeah, definitely NOT cheesy. Raise your hand if your imagining this is Kristen/Rob instead of Edward/Bella...guilty! lol. Can't help it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Breaking Dawn....a letter

So yesterday came the "official" annoucement from Summit that Breaking Dawn would be 2 films. Were we really I honestly do not know how they would have made it to only one movie. Wayyy too much material. I'm trusting Bill Condon to do a great job because if it's not done carefully, it could really suck...big time! There's also rumors floating around Twitter that Summit is "definitely considering" making it 3D............................................................................................Pardon??? My reaction to this="WHAT?!?!?!?" *stomps foot* "NO, NO, NO, NO, HELL NO!" Why, please tell me why.

3D is only good for action movies. And we all know there ain't none of that in Breaking Dawn. It's a huge climatic buildup, then POOF! I saw my first 3D movie a few weeks ago (Clash of the Titans). And let me tell you, I was seriously like, "uh, what was the point in that?" And $25 for 2 ppl, HA! screw that! Summit has gotten worse and worse at dealing with these movies as each one comes out. It scares me. So I took the time to compose a little letter to Ms. Rosenburg concerning Breaking Dawn........

The following message is from Melissa Rosenberg's Facebook page. She wrote this at least a month ago.

Melissa Rosenberg "Thanks for all your thoughts! My feeling is - more or less blood, or more or less graphic violence, sex or childbirthing gore doesn't define Breaking Dawn. It's the characters, their journey, their relationships. The other stuff won't change that. So regardless of the rating, the story, essentially, is the story. ...I won't be able to satisfy ALL fans, but hopefully more fans than less. Keep commenting! xoxo, Mel"

Dear Melissa,

Have you read the books or are you just demented? Just curious...because if you think the honeymoon (sex) isn’t a vital part of the story, then you should be fired. The series has led up to this point. There wasn’t sexual tension throughout the whole story for nothing!!!! If you even attempt to take out the honeymoon or childbirthing scene, you will have taken away a very important part of the series. For the honeymoon, I don't want any of this "fade to black" shit then Bella wakes up pregnant=LAME! If I don't see some pillow biting, flying feathers, torn lingerie, or broken head boards...I will throw a sh**fit! No seriously, I am NOT kidding.

I understand having to keep a PG-13 rating, but if Stephanie Meyer puts it in the book like that, you can definitely put it in the movie. “Remember Me” had a PG-13 rating and we got wall sex! I want some of THAT in Breaking Dawn. You don't just have a teeny-bopper audience. You have an adult one too. Kids that have read the books know what happens. I know the series prides itself on chastity, and I understand. But in case you weren't aware, they are MARRIED when they have sex! That is okay to promote!!! You are allowed to downplay some of the graphicness of the birthing scene, but if you take out the honeymoon-I WILL KILL! That scene better be no shorter than 15 minutes!

Fare Warning >:-\



P.S. Pitchforks and torches are on standby

I am a little worried about this. Because if they screw up the wedding/honeymoon/and birthing scene, then you might as well not even make the damn movie. I think devoted fans can help write a much better script. And I vote we campaign for a petition for "BREAKING DAWN IN 3D=FAIL" Who's with me?

Oh and by the way, I totally forgot about Edward taking off Bella's garter with his teeth at the wedding. O_0! How could I forget THAT! P.S. That best make it to the movie! I honestly might pass out if I see him do that..........DEAD!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MTVMA of Epic Proportions!

Today is my first day back to work since Friday. I've been at the beach with the bf and his fam since then. Coming back to work blows, especially during the middle of the week. I also came back to rain, which is really depressing since I've had sunny 80-90 degree weather for the past 5 days. But it was a wonderful, too-short vacation. Seriously, I needed more time there...sad face :-(

I was anxious to get home though. I love my family (and still live there) so I was happy to be able to see them. But the drive home felt like it took eons! We got to stop at Hooters on the way home so that helped. Yes, I love Hooters. It's one of my fav restaurants! No really, I'm serious. One of the things I was most excited about seeing was this....

Here is her *bitchface* bahahah!

How freaking cute is she??? For real, my dog is like my LIFE! I could write a whole blog post on her. Maybe I will soon...

Anyways, back to the beach...Most days we wouldn't be back in the room until late in the afternoon to take showers and get ready to go out to eat. So keeping up with updates on Twitter was a serious challenge (by the way, I've been trying to get on Twitter for like the past HOUR and I keep getting the freakin whale! and everytime I type in the browser, it brings up google in Arabic! WTH is going on???). I had already warned the bf that he better find something else to do on Sunday night because I was watching the MTVMA...and I needed to concentrate. Plus, if he stayed around he was going to witness first-hand my true obsessiveness.

So Sunday night rolls around. We go out that night to Margaritaville (which took a freaking hour and 45 minutes to be seated!!). I was in a panic thinking I wouldn't be home by 9:00 pm. We were...and I sat down with my laptop logged onto Twitter and turned the tv to MTV. It was then that I saw the abomination that is Jersey Shore. We have to watch THIS for an hour before the awards start??? Who's bright idea was that? I have no words....

My bf stayed around for a little while. He kept talking to me while the awards were on (and he knows I cannot STAND that!). I was seriously thinking, "go to the pool already!" lol. No, I love him to death. Just really needed to be alone to concentrate.

First up was KStew's Best Female Performance win. I was jumped up and squeed! When she walked by Rob and touched him stomach, I said, "people are gonna have a hay day with that!" and they did. I was so excited to see them sitting together...made my night! My bf talked about her awkwardness, and I seriously almost shoved him off the bed. The best kiss nomination was coming up, and the bf was walking around and stopped in front of the tv. I yelled, "MOVE!!!!!!" Yeah, he didn't appreciate that too much. Needless to say, he went to the pool shortly after that.

Second was the Best Kiss....I was about to throw up I was so nervous. Honestly, I was afraid Tay/Tay were gonna win after hearing everyone freak out on Twitter. So when J. Biel only got out "Kristen" I was already jumping up and down on the bed screaming! I totally missed Kristen tripping on her way up and Rob grabbing her. I was too busy trying to look at Twitter and the tv at the same time (big mistake). Luckily I can check robstenation blog because they are super quick to update any new info. Huge shoutout to you!!!!!!!! The "best kiss" acceptance was full of awkwardness, which I loved. Totally them. At one point you can hear ppl in the audience shouting, "DO IT!" I was totally screaming that as loud as I my head! lol. Loved that Rob sneaked in that lil kiss at the end. You could tell by her face b4 he did it that she wasn't expecting it. But his face afterwards was a total WIN!

Third...Rob's acceptance speech for Best Male Performance and Global Superstar (so happy he won!). When he thanked Kristen at the end, I could just imagine the collective "AWEEEE!" from fans. It was precious.

So all-in-all is was a pretty epic night! I was glad I was alone for the most part to indulge in my completely obsessive fangirl way.

Movie Awards pics courtesy of

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Give the Girl a Break!

On my way to the beach this morning, the bf (boyfriend) and I were chatting. He’s flipping thru the radio stations, when all of the sudden I hear this woman say, “What is wrong with these Twilight kids?” I immediately straightened up and screamed, “WHAT?!?!?!” The news lady started going into Kristen’s rape comment thing. Are you for real?!?

*P.S. I had just got done explaining the whole situation to the bf. Not so much a situation as it is complete Bullshit! But I asked him if he heard about it on any news stations and he said “Fox News.” *fail face* Seriously ????? This made freaking Fox News????????? BF then told me how he agreed and she shouldn't have said what she did. I glared at him and let him know he was walking a fine line. He was purposely trying to get me in a tisey.

Anyway, the news lady “bitch” was telling how Kristen was talking about rape victims. Can’t remember her exact words, but she totally twisted the hell out of it when she first started talking about it. Needless to say, fumes were shooting out of my ears the entire time.

Then she went on to talk about Taylor and his abs…saying he was now embarrassed to show off his muscles. News lady was like, “dude, they could have gotten anyone to play him….it’s part of your character…blah, freaking blah.” Basically in a nut shell she was saying, “since you now have abs of steel, you should take off your shirt every time a teeny bopper squeals, “show us your abs TAYLOR!” Seriously, these two news anchors were MORONS! I was literally screaming and cussing at them while they were talking. I made a mental note of the radio station so I could write them a lovely lil letter.

For serious, give the girl a break! I think people refused to see the irony in her comment. It was a metaphor/similie (what the hell's been wayyy too long since I've had a grammar class). She is an ACTOR, not a CELEBRITY! She is in this industry because she loves making movies. She doesn't care about all the Hollywood crap that comes with it. I understand that you are going to be followed around by paps every now and then. I understand that. But to be put in the kinds of situations she is in is just flat out ridiculous. It's scary and dangerous. No one should look scared when they are having their pics taken. That's just wrong, and there needs to be some type of pap law passed--->and actually ENFORCED! And for her comment to actually make it onto shows like Fox News is beyond crazy. We have oil rigs barrelling out oil by the tons, but we see a need to cover this??? REALLY?!?!?! This ladies and gents is why I do not watch the's depressing, and sometimes seriously makes me lose faith in ppl.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So tomorrow I leave for the beach for a few days. Thank the Lord! My mood has been struggling these past couple of weeks. I need a break! Going to Myrtle Beach in SC. For any of you that have been, you know it's a pretty popular, crowded beach. Not my ideal spot, but hey, I take what I can get! It's the beach, so I'm not complaining. One thing is for best not rain the whole time! There is a chance of a thunderstorm almost every freakin day I'm down there Seriously, I will be beyond pissed. OH, and get this...we're leaving at 5:30....AM! My bf originally suggested 5:00 am, and I was like, "f that!" Do you know what time I would have to get up at in order to shower and everything???? 3:40am! HA! I think not.....Now we're leaving my house at 5:10, so that only means I have to get up at 3:50am now. Whoopty freakin do!

I am crossing my fingers that the resort has decent internet connection. I will need to be on Twitter, refreshing like crazy because on Sunday night we get THIS............

I CANNOT WAIT! I will be anxiously awaiting another moment like on the edge of the bed ready to jump up and down like a lil girl. And if they don't win, then the whole hotel building might hear my "WHAT?!?!?!?!? DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!". Yes I cuss when I get angry. And honestly, this will make very livid! Because honestly...which other nominees even come close??? I will give you DakotaStew, but I don't think they have enuf support. So anywho, if Rob/Kristen do win, I hope we get something close to the epicness that happened last year. Will they actually kiss this time if they win...that's debatable. But I would not mind another one of these

For real, if this happens again, I will be jumping up and down screaming, "DO IT!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE" lol. I already told my bf that he better be finding something else to do that night because I was watching the MTV Movie Awards. And I cannot tolerate someone talking to me while I'm watching tv...especially something I'm really invested in. Because that is the most annoying thing EVER! It makes me wanna turn to that person and be like, "Excuse me...SHUT IT!" So please, do not do it, cause odds are, I will not be paying attention to you.

On another note, did you all see Kristen in Korea?!?!?! Gah, that girl is beyond gorgeous!!!!!!!!! And the hair extensions...LOVED IT! Major girl crush.

Excuse me, can I please have your legs???

On a more serious note, did you see this crap about KStew having to make a statement apologizing for her "rape" comment. This=LAMESHIT. Honestly, I want to smack everyone of the ppl that are giving her grief for this. Did you not see the pap Sydney airport pics? She looked like a caged animal. She looks terrifed. It was sickening! These paps were beyond instrusive and dangerous, so I do not blame her one bit for the comment she made. If she feels violated, then she should NOT have to apologize for that! And please do not give me that excuse of "She's a celebrity...she should just put up with it."! I understand a few pap pics, but this is borderline insanity. No celebrity should have to deal with this. Does no one remember Princess Di? No disrepect to her situation, but this is how it starts out. I wish they would pass some sort of law for paps...because this is getting beyond ridiculous!

Anyway, that was my rant. On a happier note, can't wait for Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit for Korea pic goes to kstewartfans on Twitter!

Eclipse Promo=FAIL

First off, this whole Eclipse stuff has me a little down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the movie and can’t wait to drag my butt to the theater at 12:00 a.m. on the 29th. I’ve heard rave reviews from those who got the privilege of seeing the Oprah screening (lucky bitches >:-/). I heard the leg hitch (thank you!) and plenty of E/B making out made it into the movie. Let me just give a fare warning…If the leg hitch is cut out in the final edit, I WILL hunt someone down!!!! I, as well as other fans, will be ready with torches and pitchforks!

Anyways, it’s the promo stuff that is kinda irking me a little. Let me just ask you something, where is an Eclipse promo poster like this?....

or this

Seriously???? Edward PROPOSES (hear that Summit P-R-O-P-O-S-E-S) to Bella in the freaking movie and we can’t even get a shot of them together for a poster?!?!?!?!?!?! EPIC FAIL!

I understand that Rob is filming WFE and cannot attend the European press tour. That doesn’t bother me because 1.) I love how committed he is to his roles and 2.) he gave us this....

But are you aware of how much of this we are going to get???

Ugh….Don’t get me wrong, I love Taylor. I think he is a great guy and makes a great Jacob. I cannot imagine anyone else playing him. But I’m sorry….I really want to see some R/K pics together at these events…without Taylor looking like the 3rd wheel. Isn’t the E/B relationship kinda central to the Twilight series? Yes, I thought so. So instead of this at the Eclipse LA premiere…

I want THIS………….I miss THIS………We did not get ANY of THIS with New Moon. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE THIS TIME AROUND!

Dear Summit (or Nazi agent lady that cuts interviewers off anytime they come close to mentioning Kristen’s name to Rob),

It’s okay to let Rob & Kristen pose together at these events. Their character’s relationship is kinda, maybe a little bit of the reason why so many fans love the series. And in case you forgot, they flippin get ENGAGED in this movie!!!!!!!!!

So….just thought I’d go on that little rant. I have needed to vent about this for a while. It’s been bugging the shiz outta me.

I hope that you guys got a little pleasure out of reading this. I also have a letter to Summit, Melissa Rosenburg concerning Breaking Dawn that I may post in a couple of days ;-)

P.S. I swear, if I hear one more person/interviewer/etc. say something about KStew not smiling…then I will personally staple a pic to their forehead of KStew flashing those pearly whites. It is totes getting annoying hearing ppl say this over and over.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twilight: The Start of a New Obsession

Thought it would be good to tell how I got started into this whole obsession.

**A disclaimer up front should be that I have tv show obsessions. I find a show I like, and I get HOOKED! I'm talking researching the show, the actors, everything I possibly can about it. I never really hooked onto movies because they are usually short-lived...until Twilight....

So when I was working as a student worker at my college, this girl I worked with read Nora Roberts books. We would always talk about which ones we had read. Because let's just face it...unrealistic romance novels are pure WIN! One day while we were at work, she told me about these vampire books she had been reading. I was like, "oh really? what are they about?" She proceeded to give me the rundown and informed me the first book was being made into a movie. I said, "cool, I'll have to check that out!" For those of you who don't know, I was a die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fan!!!! Buffy and Angel are one of my top super-hero couples. So I was kinda into the whole vampire genre.

Seriously, who didn't love this???

or this?


Anywho, after she told me about the Twilight series I didn't think much of it. Until I started seeing Facebook bumper stickers about it EVERYWHERE! And I do mean everywhere....they were all about this Edward Cullen. Obsessive Cullen Disorder, I Heart Edward Cullen! Seriously, what is this?!?!?!

I told my brother that if I saw another Edward Cullen sticker, then I was gonna bash the computer screen in. It was beyond annoying. Then when the actually movie came out in theaters, I remember reading the newspaper and seeing that it got a 2 out of 4 stars. I laughed out loud! HAHAHAHA! It did bad! I pointed out to my brother and we laughed together. I was so protective of Buffy and the whole vampire genre that I wanted it to fail.

Fast forward a couple months later when the DVD comes out....I rent it from the RedBox, brother and I watch it together, it ends and I'm like, "that was pretty good!" He said it was good too, but he'll take that confession to the grave before he will ever admit it! So I decide to start reading the books. Read all of them in a couple of weeks. This was the end of my Twilight hate. I was officially a fan.

So I did my research and looked at all the websites and found everything I could on Rob and Kristen. Yes, I have a guilty pleasure of wishing movie/tv couples translate into relationships off-screen. Wishful thinking I know...but seems that wishful thinking did some good ;-)

Even though I consider myself a pretty obsessed Twilight fan, that does not mean I'm one of the crazies who gets those ridiculous tattoos slapped on my body. And I don't have Rob's face plastered all over my wall. Not that Rob's face is a bad thing to be all over my wall, but I'm 22 so that would be a lil weird. My family already thinks I'm beyond obsessed anyway. Don't need to give them a reason to think I've completely dove off the deep end. However, I may be guilty to own tons of Rob/Kristen magazines...who am I kidding, I buy every single one that comes out! And I do own a couple of shirts *guilty face*. But those twilight keychains, lunchboxes, cardboard cutouts, silicone heads (WTF?), vibrators, etc....HELL NO! Some of that stuff is just flat-out embarassing.

But in all seriousness...I think the series tells a great story. It sucks you in, and I don't know why. I think it's such an epic, powerful, passionate love story because of the vampirism. It heightens every emotion and feeling. I don't think a love like that is possible between two humans. It's a type of love we all wish existed. And be makes you wish vamps existed just so you would have the sliver of a chance in meeting an "Edward."

This was an uber long post, and I'm gonna end it before I sound like a complete obsessed weirdo.

Till next time....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random Rants-The Beginning

Soooo......where to start. A little bit about myself...I am 22, working as an academic advisor at a college, and live in TN. Judging by the title you now know that I am a big Rob and Kristen fan. And a Twilight fan. For the past couple of years, I have followed a lot of fan websites and blogs about Twilight, Rob, and Kristen. Never have I truly got involved in all the blogging. I had plenty of laughs just sitting back and reading everybody elses' rants. I have now realized I have way too many thoughts running through my head to keep it in. They must come this is what the blog is for. I have never done this, so bear with me while I get used to it.

I told my brother I was creating this and he looked at me like, "You loser." lol. When he asked me if it was going to be a "Twilight" blog, I told him I would post other things too. Then I proceeded to tell him, "You should join it." His response="Hell NO!" That is why I love him! haha.

My true inspiration behind starting the blog was KSIBTU. Her blog literally brings me to tears everytime I read her posts. Her sarcasm and blunt honesty are refreshing. I love it! So this is a shout out to you KSIBTU!

Contents of the blog...basically anything I want to write about Rob, Kristen, or Twilight related. Some will be serious posts, others will be funny. I love sarcasm and love to laugh!

Up front you should know that I am very defensive/protective of things I really care about. This includes Rob, Kristen, and the Twilight Saga. Say something negative or unfair about them, and we will have issues. I have seen hate on other blogs, and I don't want that here. If you are not a fan of them, then why in the heck are you here?

Why am I a huge fan of Rob & Kristen...1.) I truly admire the decisions they've made, both personally and professionally, 2.) They put 110% into their characters, 3.) They take risks in the roles they play, 4.) They seem to be truly down-to-earth, smart, honest individuals who care immensely about what they do and 5.) They don't make excuses for anything...they are 100% real.

Anyway, that's just a little taste of what this blog is gonna about. I will also post things going on in my life as well as things about Rob and Kristen. Promise it will be 10x more interesting than this post! ;-)

I will try to get a Twitter up and running soon...but pass this blog site around to friends that you think might enjoy it! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!!!