Monday, January 10, 2011

Using Talent I Do Not Have (aka fanvids)

I was doing good...I had planned on posting a blog this past Friday. Well, that went to the shitter when I couldn't drive to work on Friday. Most of the blog post is finished but all the pretay PCA pics are on my work computer. Why yes, I am too lazy to save them on another computer right now.

*pretty much*

So while we put the PCA blog post on hold until I can get back to work (yes, we are out again today), I wanted to do just a fun post of some awesome fan videos I've ran across the past several months. <---#RunOnSentenceMuch A huge shoutout goes to these respective authors of the videos. Their talent and time they take to create these shows dedication and patience I obviously do not possess. Happy Snow Day lovlies and enjoy the PRETAY!!!

#1 I cannot even begin to tell you how much I FLOVE this video

#2 WIN

#3 another good Joan Jett-inspired song

#4 some LA Eclipse premiere favs...I could watch from :41 to :50 on repeat!

#5 I think the song playing speaks for itself ;-)

#6 N'awwww

#7 *tugs at collar* it's getting a little toasty in here

#8 I think I stopped breathing for a good 10 minutes *p.s. the captions in this vid crack me up!*

[A/N Big shoutout to the creators of these videos. You guys are soooooo incredibly talented! I may try to do a post like this once a week. There are too many awesome videos from talented people to pick from. So this may because a weekly tradition in addition to other blog posts. Also, wanted to thank the regulars that keep coming back to this blog. I know I have not been on top of it as I should be, but the comments from everyone makes it worth it. Lurkers that may visit...don't be shy, I'd love to hear from you! Here's a big thanks to my regulars @takemetobliss @Jayde17 @KJN52 Love you ladies!!! If you get a chance, check out their AMAZING blogs!]

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Choice of the People (aka Lose of Brain Cells)

Before we dive into the abomination that was the People's Choice Awards, we shall discuss the new WFE trailer. Because OMG, major CHILLLLLLLLSSSSSSS! I have to be totally honest, the first trailer didn't give me chills. Although, it looked beyond amazing, I just didn't get that "chill" factor. However, this new one killed the best way possible. Because look at this...

*HOLY DEAD* excuse me while I rewind this scene a bagillion times. No seriously, I rewinded it like 10 times just to watch this .2 seconds of PRETAY!

The new trailer gaves us some AMAZING new clips. I was a tad disappointed that we didn't have Rob speaking more. COME ON PEOPLE! He utters like 10 words the entire 2 minutes. Moving on, I think what made this trailer so magnificant was the absolutely beautiful song that played throughout. I have had this on repeat ever since.

and here's the trailer just so you have an excuse to replay it over and over again...

Moving on to the People's Choice Awards................

*shakes head in shame* I knew that Rob and Kristen would more than likely not walk the red carpet, but I knew as soon as I didn't watch they would show up. Dearest R&K, I love you but I hate you for making me sit through that shit. not really...but you know what I'm getting at. The hosts=Horrible. The chit chat=Cheesy. It was an hour and a half of pure TORTURE!!!!

So about 45 minutes-1 hour into the show when R/K still weren't there, I was serioulsy like, WTF?!?!?! I just thought the cameraman was failing hard at his job. Because Rob/Kristen are the most important people to pan to...DUH! Finally, we got a glimpse of them. And it made up for the 2 previous hours of completely and utter agony (barely). Enough bitching...onto the pretty! :-)




*To be perfectly honest, I about had a heart attack when I saw QL down there. I was afraid for what she was gonna say.*

**I have opinions about this...but moving on...*

*Proud Boyfriend*

[A/N So sorry for the update delay. Tried to finish this post for about 5 days now. We have a LOT more to discuss later in the week. Some pretty epic things have happened ;-)]