Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking Dawn Fantasy Post....Ms. Maroon style

The lovely Ms. Maroon emailed me a while back and wrote out her ideas for the Breaking Dawn wedding. She also included some honeymoon stuff and what she'd like to see for Renesme ;-) ***Note: Sorry bb that it took so long to post it. This is the last Breaking Dawn fantasy post...that people sent in. I will try and post mine within the next week.

Without further ado, Ms. Maroon: ;-)

For the movie I definitely am going to need to see some Esme's Island stuff. I mean, that's what we all mainly want right? Sure I loved the touchy, feely stuff going on btwn Edward and Bella in Eclipse, but I want to see married touchy, feely stuff now! ;D

I hope that there are more details put into their um... "togetherness"... while they are on the island. I don't want just a swim, and then feathers. That would suck. Just sayin'...

But I really honestly and truly do think that we will end up with some lovin' in the movie. If not, then the first movie is gonna be awfully short, so I think that we'll get some details into their whole time at the island simply for "filler time".

I also think that wedding will last longer. Maybe it's just me (?) but to me it didn't really last that long in the book. I think it was basically just a chapter and that was filled up mainly with the before-hand stuff with Alice and her parents. I think it's completely understandable in the book b/c Bella was kind of in a daze about the whole thing once time for the wedding actually got there. I think most brides are like this TBH, but it will be good to get details that we girls love to delve into for weddings.

I don't think that everyone is going to be happy with what's done, but that's b/c we all picture it a little differently; and that's an okay thing. :)

I just hope that they stay true to the book with that part. Edward was in a classic tux - it was gray, if I remember correctly - and Bella was in a classic gown that fit the time of the early 1900's. Now if you look at fashion around that time... well... honestly, it was kind of dismal... but I've got some good news... It wasn't like that all the time!

In the book her wedding gown is described as simple (fitting since Bella likes simple things), and silk (this works b/c silk is a great insulator and fits with the weather of Forks), and long sleeved. Now before you go freaking out about her wedding dress being (*whispers*) long sleeved, just remember that a lot of dresses up until the past 10-15 years were actually made that way. Now of course a lot of them looked bad and overly flouncy (big ups to my great word usage there), but do we honestly think that Alice would put Bella in something that resembled bad 80's fashion?

Never bet against Alice. ;)

Personally I think just a plain, silk, fitted long sleeve dress will suffice for the movie. I liked to see some detailing on it, either with lace (more fitting for the time period), and an open neckline. Something that demurely cut low with out showing off too much cleavage, and shows off her shoulders and collar bones. There's a way to do it where it's tasteful and not tacky.

Silk can be a luxurious fabric if it's made right during the textile process. Go to your local Neiman Marcus and pick up a designer silk blouse and really look at it. Look at the stitching of the seems, and how finely woven together the fabric (as a whole) is. Next, look at the coloring of the dye job. It's even throughout, and will hold color well after washings. Next, go to a local Walmart and pick up what they deem is "silk" and you'll know what I'm talking about.

There's also different sheens available in silk. It can either come in a satin type sheen that's matte, or in a sheen that is shiny (for lack of a better word) and reflects light. Picture if you will Kiera's green, silk dress in Atonement, or a men's silk tie. That's the type of sheen I want to see Bella's dress in.

So, basically for her gown I'm hoping for something with an open neck line, long sleeved (simply b/c it's true to the book), with a long hem. It needs to be all one piece, rather than having a seperate bodice and skirt, and it's needs to fit Kristen's form like a glove (silk can be very unforgiving if it's cut wrong).

I think with all of those that Kristen as Bella will look gorgeous!

Good news is that her hair is detailed out in the book. So as long as we see braids and pin-tucked curls with those pretty sapphire combs I'll be happy.

I also really, really want to see the reception. It the book it's described almost the way the movie Twilight ended - with them in the muliptle, lighted, lit up gazebo. *sigh* I love that gazebo! So yeah, I want to see something like that again. I also definitely want too see all of the flowers that were mentioned.

I'm also very much looking forward to the music that they are gonna have for the movies. They continue to knock it out of the park every movie with the soundtracks and scores.

I have a feeling that the two parts will be separated right around the time that Bella wakes up as a vampire. I think it would be great if the last scene of Part 1 was a close-up facial shot of the new, vamp Bella with her eyes still closed and in the background we hear the ticking of a clock that she can now pick up on. Then, if it would pull a slow steady, tele shot of a close up to her eyes, them suddenly opening to reveal red irises and then fade to black. I kinda think that would be epic.

Honestly with the second BD movie I'm just hoping that I don't get lost in the shuffle of all the people that are coming in and playing a role.

Mainly what I'm hoping for with that one though is just that Nessie won't look stupid.

That in and of itself is going to be a hard feat to pull off.

Personally if I were the director I would go with the new live action computer animation technology.

This is where they take something that is actually there and layer computer animation on top of it. It makes the generated image from the computer look more "real" and not so "fake".

You've probably seen the effects of this stuff before and not even realized it, but it's mainly used for backgrounds and nature type things. Like a running brook, or gently waves coming ashore for example. They literally go film the water of the stream/ocean in a live action shot, then they layer over it (to where you can still see the live action stuff underneath it) a computer generated image. This can add depth, produce a semi 3D image, but mainly have the computer stuff look more real. So, even though it's not widely used just yet... well... it doesn't mean that you can't push the boundaries a little.

But I think that this would be a good technique to use for Nessie, but only for certain parts. For instance, bring in a baby and children that progressively get older, and have them move about in the environment. This is where the live action part during filming comes in.

For the computer generated things it would be the simple little overlays here and there, such as the cognizance that Nessie has and the understanding and depths that she shows in her reactions and in the way she looks at people. So it would literally be overlaying a live action with a computer generated image (or another live action even) of a look in her eyes, or the way she smiles.

I think this would make her look like an actual being, and like the simple motions that she does wouldn't be so forced. Plus it would also help the actors act with a baby and not just a tennis ball or something else. I don't think Taylor donning a gray spandex suit would work here like it did before, LOL.

That's about all I have to say about what all I would like to see in BD. I know that it's a lot, but I hope that I didn't ramble too much. :)

Oh, and the wigs had better be BETTER. And I'd like for the honey colored contacts to not be so bright to the point of distracting... Just sayin'...

[A/N Thank you Ms. Maroon for your contribution to the Breaking Dawn fantasy post. And again, sorry it took so long to post. Next post will be the final Breaking Dawn Wedding Fantasy Post. Then we shall discuss those scrumptous Rob outtakes that came out yesterday, because I'm pretty sure we all want to discuss those ;-) Till next time lovelies!]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You're Gonna Have to Face It You're Addicted to Love...

WOW! This past week has been a whirlwind in the Kristen/Rob world! It feels like everyday that we've been spoiled by some sort of pics and/or news. And let's just say the pics are ones a lot of us have been waiting on for FOREVA! We will get to those a little later in the post. For now, I want to ramble about a few things. Fare warning: this is going to be a long post.

1.) In a few weeks I will be in...........VEGAS BABY!!! Ah, I'm soooo freaking excited! My cousin/bf is having to go out there for some training for her job and invited me along. I was able to take off work for a week to go. I have never been to that side of the country, so this is a big deal. I haven't been on a plane since I went to Costa Rica back in high school for a mission trip, so I'm pretty excited about that too.

My Mom and Dad went to Vegas for one of their anniversaries years ago. And they absolutely loved it! So my mom has basically been "planning" my Vegas trip before we even booked the plane ticket. She has been looking up all the shows and printing out pages of places we need to go. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's gonna hop in my suitcase before we leave. Even my mom's best friends are giving us lists of places to go. I'm scared we won't get to see everything. One thing I definitely want to do is ride the X-Scream ride atop the Stratosphere building. Yeah, have you seen that thing?!? I get that empty stomach feeling just looking at it. I've included a video so you can see....

Yeah, doesn't look that scary but that booger is about 1000 ft. in the air!

The boyfriend and I were looking through shows that the bf (best friend not boyfriend in this case) and I could go see while we are down there, and we ran across "Stripper 101." So I clicked on the video preview and it looked FUN! Just a bunch of women up there letting loose and having fun. Instructors teaching you how to ummm...use the pole. haha! This best friend I'm going with is getting married that next month so it would be perfect! Anyway, after watching the preview my boyfriend asked, "Do the guys get to see the videos?" HAHAHAHA!....um, NO! Have you seen that episode of "King of Queens" where she takes pole dancing lessons and later performs it for her husband. Yeah, if not you should watch. She's not the greatest. And I don't want of video of me if that's what I'm gonna look like.

So anyways, if you've been to Las Vegas, I'd love to hear your suggestions of where to go.

2.) I went and saw Eclipse again the other day. Obsessed much? Not in the least ;-) I wanted to see it before it went out of theaters. Because let's face it, movies take way too long to come out on DVD. And I hope our wait pays off with some awesome R/K/T commentary and deleted scenes! right?.....RIGHT?!?!

One thing that I noticed, every time the scene comes on where Jacob's wolf gets ripped a new one and he falls to the ground writhering in pain...yeah, the one where us "Team Edward" fans gave an evil grin at this moment. During this scene, there is always someone in the theater that whispers, "Is he naked?!?!" LMAO!!!! Oh, I love it! Cracks me up everytime.

So I tried googling images of "Jacob gets hurt in Eclipse" and this is what I found

WTF IS THIS?!?! BRB...dying of laughter! This whole thing is just totally creepy, and Edward in the background....uh, yeah okay. This is just wrong on so many levels. By the way, this pic didn't upload as big as it should have. But Edward is under those 3 trees under the moon. All you can see of him is a black shadow...but his golden eyes and hair are lite up. Seriously, WTF???

3.) Okay, we're actually going to talk about Rob and Kristen now. I was advising a student the day the 1st batch of pics came out. Yeah, these....

I had gotten on Twitter as soon as the student left and saw, "OMG!!!!" and "DEAD...Flatlined...." on my feed. So when I clicked and saw this:

HOLY HELL!!!!!!!! Dead from cuteness overload!

I seriously did not know how to react. For real, I felt like my body couldn't contain the excitement.

Gah, please could they get any more adorable??? Foreheads touching, the huge-ass grin on Rob's face. Such an unguarded moment, and I love it! And for these to come out on Friday the 13th made it even better.

4.) The next day we were spoiled even more by "the" pics that came out. ***Note, I don't want me (or anyone for that matter) talking about these Rob/Kris pics that came out to sound creepy. I admire and respect the privacy they have for their relationship. But as fans, when we finally get to see some of their unguarded moments, we literally melt. While we personally don't know anything about their relationship, we ocassionaly do get to see them in their "moments" and it gives people hope that relationships like that are still possible.

I love that I was texting Crystal from @takemetobliss when these pics came out. Got to fangirl together, and I floved it!!!

you wrap those arms around him!

*sigh* it's little things like these....

:-) :-) :-)

5.) This last part has absolutely nothing to do with R/K or Twilight. But that's okay. Who has seen this? Raise your hands, don't be ashamed.

Confession...I loved it. Like completely, utterly fell in love with it! I can probably guess the reason why most people haven't seen it. I was very reluctant to see it, and that's why I didn't go when it was in theaters. But I encourage you to watch it if you get a chance. If you don't like it for the story it tells, fine. But I would also encourage you to watch it because you get to stare at this...


This guy will pretty much melt your heart in this movie

please, i've rewinded this scene like 50 times and have only had the DVD for a day!

cutest scene!

Okay, so now that I'm done gushing about that movie, I will bring this to an end for now. Hope you didn't sleep through that long-ass post. ;-) See you next time!

***@Jayde17-you have me addicted to polyvore, and I love you for it! ;-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Breaking Dawn Fantasy Post...courtesy of the lovely JW!

A few weeks ago when I posted about the Breaking Dawn fantasy post, a lovely reader emailed her suggestions for the wedding. They were pretty awesome! To make things easier, this post will mainly include her email she wrote to me...with the pics included. ENJOY!

"I don’t have strong opinions/imagination for some things like d├ęcor, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses.

I’ll give you some rambling thoughts about the wedding dress.

I remember watching Anne of Green Gables on TV almost every year for the longest time. I loved her pale-blue puffed-sleeve dress. It was so sweet for that time-period, but not for a 2010 wedding dress.

There’s a movie called “A Room with A View”. I think it’s around the same time period. There are some pretty dresses in that too. Again, it may be too matronly for modern sensibilities. I couldn’t find full length dress pictures.

Titanic was around the same time too. Here’s a modern dress that I found on Polyvore where someone linked it as a Rose-inspired dress. Very curve hugging and sexy. Kristen could rock it, just like the form-fitting Herve Leger and Bally dresses she wore for the Eclipse promos. I would love to see a sexy Kristen in the movie. I guess that would be vampire Bella.

***NOTE: JW-I cannot find this dress you linked me...include the link in the comment section if you have it cause it's a BEAUTIFUL dress!!!

Only in the past decade or so, the most prevalent wedding dresses have been strapless. When I saw Ivanka Trump’s wedding dress, I thought, beautiful and classic, but it’s probably not early 1900s enough.

I think Summit should hire a top designer (e.g. Monique Lhuilliher, Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka) and have them design a gown based on the AoGG era, but with a modern spin on it. Like everything else, Summit should spend the extra money on this. They should try to make a movie as if they were aiming for best costume, makeup, etc. Oscar nominations.

Here are shoes from Miu Miu that I found on http://beautifulthingstoshare.blogspot.com/. It has great pictures for wedding inspirations.

And these shoes for the dance:

I think Edward’s tux would have to somewhat match Bella’s dress in terms of era, but they shouldn’t look like they were going to a costume party.

First dance song – Endless Love. I really like the version from Glee."

Again, thanks to the lovely JW for sending in her ideas! And if you find the link to that dress, let me know and I'll update the post.

A/N: We will discuss all the epicness that has happened these last few days...because let's face it, it's been like Christmas around here!!!! ;-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breaking Dawn...Crystalfied!

FINALLY!!!!!!!! I'm getting around to posting everyone's fantasy ideas they sent in. I am serious, I need to find a new job not only for gas expenses, but for my sanity. It's killing me. I seriously went to Starbucks yesterday just to be able to check my emails.....yeah, not good.

Anywa, first fantasy post up is blogger bestie Crystal. ***Note-I hope you like your "Crystalfied" title. LMAO! She sent me in a lovely Monique Lhuillier wedding dress and some of her fav manips she's found since 2008. So here they are!

And the BEAUTIFUL dress...I think the title of the collection fits Crystal perfectly :-)

Thanks Crystal for your contribution to the fantasy post!

Look out for another reader's fantasy BD wedding later this week, beginning of next!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breaking Dawn Wedding...Manips

This wasn't what I was going to originally post, but I thought it would help get us in the mood :-)

I know I haven't posted in quite a while. To be honest, RL (work) has been an absolute evil nightmare these past few weeks. For real, I don't think I've ever been so stressed out in my entire life! I'm talking loosing sleep and not having an appetite kind of stressed. Yeah, not good. I'm responsible for getting a cohort ready to start their teaching education content classes...and they have to have certain criteria met before they start their Fall semester. The major is licensure, so basically there are all these papers and guidelines and blah blah blah that you have to do beforehand. I had a meeting with my supervisor to make sure I started all their files correctly, and I was FREAKING out!!!! But everything went fairly well, so I'm a little bit more content now.

Anyway, back to my original reason for posting. I know you guys are waiting on the Breaking Dawn fantasy post part 1. The people who sent in stuff, you are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know you are waiting to see your stuff, and I apologize for not getting it up sooner.

I think what I will do is dedicate a post to each person who sent in ideas. So look out for yours in the next few weeks! I will try and start this at the beginning of this coming week.

While we wait for that, here are some Breaking Dawn Wedding manips that I found to help us get revved up for Breaking Dawn. Seriously, some of these are just freaking AMAZING!!!!!! So enjoy and relish in the pretty of the Rob & Kristen, errr, I mean Bella & Edward wedding ;-)


This one is absolutely stunning...and I so wish it was bigger

This one is cute

love it!!!!

the shot of Edward holding the ring makes me giggle...LMAO!

this one is awesome, except Bella's super curly hair

absolutely in love with this one...except that Bella/Edward don't look very happy

old-timey feel

The best one wouldn't post!!!!!! It's actually more of a funny one with a cullen "family" shot. It's got Emmett, Carlisle, Jasper, and Edward all jumping in the air around Bella...made me giggle snort. Here's the link http://api.ning.com/files/0nOGf4nf44O6U4xeNBDtRhTdWLhK5Y0Ft1UPXd4BLtvUgMVcgxZU2Y6FeHvpaYPkmS5AltwENN7GkMp20kgJ9DMqeS7iVDre/AwesomeFanmadeStuffIfoundontwifanscomsoemarefunnysomeareGODSOHOOOTtwilightseries8012838737509.jpg

Hopefully I will get the first person's fantasy BD wedding post up at the beginning of the week. Keep an eye out ;-)