Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HOLY WOW It's Been A While

I've been MIA for a while now. Long story short, I got married in April and things have been a little crazy since. I apologize for the serious lack of updating, and I don't in anyway expect there to be any readers left out there. But if there is, here is a little update on life and the R/K world. ***A few pics from the wedding and honeymoon at the end of the post.

In the past (almost) 3 months, I have managed to cook supper without burning it. That might have to do with the fact that my husband cooks most of the meals. Oh well...train them while you can. Right ladies? ;-) But really, he does a wonderful job, and I adore that he actually likes to cook for me. One funny marriage story happened a few days ago. I had flushed the guest bathroom twice, with no luck in the water level going down. *Disclaimer: I have a tendency to use WAY too much toilet paper.* I was going to give it a few minutes to see if it was going to go down on it's own. I've witnessed it do this, so I was crossing my fingers for the best. All the sudden I hear this weird noise....I look over to see water POURING out from the toilet. *panic mode ensues* I completely forgot what I had learned about 10 years ago when this same thing happened. TURN OFF THE WATER! Yeah, mind went completely blank, and all I could think to do was yell husbands name. I believe, "COME QUICK!" was my command. Needless to say, this was about 10 minutes before I was to take husband to the airport to leave for 5 days. His comment to me was, "ummm, maybe you should go stay at your parents. I'm afraid to leave you now." All was good in the days that he was gone, and I managed to keep the toilet overflowing under control.

Besides that, marriage has been pretty fantastic...other than people (mainly at church) asking me every 2 seconds, "How is married life?!?" That question gets old...quick. But I like to reply with the smartass answer, STILL MARRIED! The other question I get a lot is asking what annoying habit I've learned from being married to him. Honestly, not much. We were together a little over 4 years before tying the knot. You learn A LOT about someone in 4 years.

If I had to pick the hardest thing to deal with about marriage it would be not seeing my family everyday. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm extremely close with my family...especially my brother. In the preparation leading up to the wedding day, my two lovely co-workers half-joked (because a part of them thought it would really happen) that as soon as I came back from the honeymoon, I would spend the first night back at my parents. And while I did go visit my parents that first night back, I didn't stay ;-). Adjusting to living without them was a lot easier than I had imagined. Except for the couple of sad text messages I got on occasion from my family. The first one being on the wedding night. We were getting ready to settle in for the night when my phone buzzes. I look and it's a pic text from my brother. It's a picture of my room at my house with the message that says, "Empty :-(" Yeah, that pretty much caused an emotional breakdown of the uncontrollable sobbing sorts ...and makes me want to cry just thinking about it. However, as time has passed, I have adjusted more...with the occasional sadness going home to an empty room.

So yeah, that's an update on what has been happening since I last posted. For those of you that have read this blog before you may be wondering where all the R/K goodies are. Don't worry, there will hopefully be another new post later on this week. It was just too much to fit in one post. If you read, please let me know you're out there. Anonymous comments are welcome! To my RL friends/family that may be reading this...if you know me, then you are most likely aware of my Rob/Kristen/Twilight obsession. To my friend/co-worker(s) that may read this, I know you know about my extreme fangirling that happens in this are. I like to think you accept me for this and love me just as much ;-).


Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alligators and Elephants

The past two days have been pretty epic in Rob world. We've gotten VF pics and interviews and then like 15 different WFE goodies. We'll tackle VF first because I've got some lengthy opinions on that.

Last week, we got some teasers of the VF photoshoot when someone released BTS pics of the shoot. And there were instantly mixed opinions. Mainly because of the Amish vibe that was floating around (ie the hat). Then came the news that Rob with be on the cover with the hat...and an alligator. Ummmm, what?!? o_O

*while it's not my fav look, HOLY UNF at his open loose shirt and low, snug black pants!*

Then came the two pics inside the magazine that made up for the cover...

*PianoRob always a WIN*

*any words right now would be inappropriate...licks computer screen*

DO WANT outtakes of this photoshoot like WOAH! I mean, specifically outtakes of this....

While the pictures were very nice to look at, the interview was sad to say the least. Sad and disturbing in a way that will HOPEFULLY make certain "fans" think twice about what they do or say. The whole interview sort of had a melancoly tone. Rob sounded defeated and tired. And to be 100% honest, I can see why. In the interview, people associated with WFE were describing how during the Tennessee portion of filming, girls were banging on restuarant windows. First off, I'm second-hand embarrassed at this because i'm a resident of this state. I tend to proud myself on our southern hospitality, but this is so beyond what we stand for. Second of all, just WOW. How crazy and rude can you be? And we wonder why they turned all ninja and we never see them anywhere. It's because we drive them in a hole!

Rob also made the comment about not being sure whether or not acting was his life-long passion (I think it's music but that's just my opinion). I'm afraid if the craziness that is this fandom keeps getting worse, then he might disappear from acting for good. *END LECTURE*

Now on to WFE. Today is a new trailer and then a new tv spot during American Idol. WFE stills were released please excuse me while I stare at the pretty again.

Yesterday someone tweeted about a Ryan Secreast interview airing this morning. Short notice, but the interview was really good. Short and sweet. He sounded really happy and upbeat which was a good turn-a-round from the interview in VF. Plus he was doing the interview on the Breaking Dawn set and you could hear people yelling "CUT!" and "ACTION!" in the background which was kind of surreal. P.S. Rob should always talk about animals in his interviews!

*UPDATE: Now that we got the trailer, I have included that in the post. And also the AI tv spot that aired.

[A/N: Sorry for the thrown-together blog post. Too many goodies thrown at us at once (psst, whatever...who am I kidding?!?). Have a great weekend lovlies! Also, I've created a new tumblr. Couldn't use the same name as the blog because it was too long. So it's Bare with me as I scream at my computer trying to figure out how to use it.]

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Stare at the Pretty

Any of you that have an iPod touch may know that it tends to become a permanent fixture in your life. Legit, it's literally an extension of your hand. Well, last week at work, I carried it with me to the restroom. I accidently knocked it off the toilet paper rack. No biggy...I've dropped this thing a million times. Seriously, I drop my electronics ALL.THE.TIME. I proceed to pick it up and see a white screen with lines running through it............NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I was freaking out! I cannot live without my iPod. I listen to music on it, check Twitter, Facebook, EVERYTHING! I had about 600+ Rob/Kristen/Twilight photos saved on it. No big deal. NOT! Long story short, my brother looked at it and restored the content. Put all my pictures from the iPod onto his computer. I seriously could have kissed him when I found this out. Now there is only the white screen, no lines. I can barely read anything on it, but can at least listen to my music and check Twitter (kind of). An out-of-commission iPod and wedding planning has caused a serious lack of updates. *Sidenote-If I don't shove someone off a cliff by the time this wedding is over, it will be a full-blown MIRACLE!*

Onto the stuff you really care about. A lot has happened since the last blog post, so I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on it all. We will be discussing the most recent updates.

#1 KStew in Vogue

ummmmm...yes please. YOU.ARE.GORGEOUS! *flails about*

#2 I need a pic of this...STAT! Vamp Bella, now please!

#3 Speaking of Vamp Bella, I cannot wait until they go to Vancover. Seriously, like a fish without water over here. You know it's desperate times when you hope for pap pics. #badfan Crossing fingers that R/K go to BAFTAS or Oscars or spend their last week in Baton Rouge riding a tandem bicycle...whatever, I just need something! Dearest Bill Condon, Valentine's Day is a week away. Please show some mercy on us with this drought.

#4 Rumors are swirling of new R and K photoshoots. Rob in Vanity Fair and Kristen for Scene Today. Please universe, let this be true. I know it's not a photoshoot together, but hey at this point we'll take anything. Excited to have a semi-repeat of this:

#5 A new WFE poster debuted

I need this movie like NOW! It comes out a week before my wedding and it's about the only thing that's going to keep me sane. Oh yeah, and K, I'm gonna need you to go to the April 17th premiere in NY. It will make my wedding month that much less stressful ;-)

#6 *update* I forgot to post this, so I had to edit the post.

Can't wait to see dancing Stew. Plus I'm pretty sure we got some epic off-set pics this day ;-)


[A/N: Sorry it's been so long since the last blog post. Wedding stuff is starting to bear down hard. And I'm hoping I don't rip someone's head off in the process. My inner bitch is starting to slowly creep out. But I promise not to take it out on any of you. Comments are much appreciated. You don't have to have a blogger account to leave one. I love to hear from you girls!]