Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Stare at the Pretty

Any of you that have an iPod touch may know that it tends to become a permanent fixture in your life. Legit, it's literally an extension of your hand. Well, last week at work, I carried it with me to the restroom. I accidently knocked it off the toilet paper rack. No biggy...I've dropped this thing a million times. Seriously, I drop my electronics ALL.THE.TIME. I proceed to pick it up and see a white screen with lines running through it............NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I was freaking out! I cannot live without my iPod. I listen to music on it, check Twitter, Facebook, EVERYTHING! I had about 600+ Rob/Kristen/Twilight photos saved on it. No big deal. NOT! Long story short, my brother looked at it and restored the content. Put all my pictures from the iPod onto his computer. I seriously could have kissed him when I found this out. Now there is only the white screen, no lines. I can barely read anything on it, but can at least listen to my music and check Twitter (kind of). An out-of-commission iPod and wedding planning has caused a serious lack of updates. *Sidenote-If I don't shove someone off a cliff by the time this wedding is over, it will be a full-blown MIRACLE!*

Onto the stuff you really care about. A lot has happened since the last blog post, so I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on it all. We will be discussing the most recent updates.

#1 KStew in Vogue

ummmmm...yes please. YOU.ARE.GORGEOUS! *flails about*

#2 I need a pic of this...STAT! Vamp Bella, now please!

#3 Speaking of Vamp Bella, I cannot wait until they go to Vancover. Seriously, like a fish without water over here. You know it's desperate times when you hope for pap pics. #badfan Crossing fingers that R/K go to BAFTAS or Oscars or spend their last week in Baton Rouge riding a tandem bicycle...whatever, I just need something! Dearest Bill Condon, Valentine's Day is a week away. Please show some mercy on us with this drought.

#4 Rumors are swirling of new R and K photoshoots. Rob in Vanity Fair and Kristen for Scene Today. Please universe, let this be true. I know it's not a photoshoot together, but hey at this point we'll take anything. Excited to have a semi-repeat of this:

#5 A new WFE poster debuted

I need this movie like NOW! It comes out a week before my wedding and it's about the only thing that's going to keep me sane. Oh yeah, and K, I'm gonna need you to go to the April 17th premiere in NY. It will make my wedding month that much less stressful ;-)

#6 *update* I forgot to post this, so I had to edit the post.

Can't wait to see dancing Stew. Plus I'm pretty sure we got some epic off-set pics this day ;-)


[A/N: Sorry it's been so long since the last blog post. Wedding stuff is starting to bear down hard. And I'm hoping I don't rip someone's head off in the process. My inner bitch is starting to slowly creep out. But I promise not to take it out on any of you. Comments are much appreciated. You don't have to have a blogger account to leave one. I love to hear from you girls!]


  1. Ok. If Bill Condon DOESNT give us something for Valentines Day - well, that's just NOT ok.

    And yes, another epic VF photoshoot would pretty much make my year as that VF shoot and the Bazaar one are my absolute favorites.

    Now lets all start crossing our toes and fingers yes?

    <3 Thanks for the smiles this week bb!

    Ummmm, I am LOVING this pic of Garrett and Kris! Tres hotness.