Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 Year is a long time to wait...Breaking Dawn hopes

Lately, I've been reading a lot about Breaking Dawn. As it draws nearer to filming, people are starting to get restless for more news and casting updates. Me, I am beyond ready for some BTS set pics. I have a feeling though that this set (especially for the wedding) will be kept under tight security. They want Bella's wedding dress to be a surprise....a good surprise hopefully.

like this

or this

But since Stephanie is designing it...let's hope it doesn't look like this

shit *facepalm*

So let's chat about the top things we are looking forward to in Breaking Dawn...because this will be the only thing that keeps my mind off the year-long wait we have.


1.) The Wedding...specifically Bella freaking out beforehand,and then the look on Edward's (Rob's) face when he first sees Bella (Kristen) walking down the stairs.

2.) The Honeymoon...The whole scene where Bella is having a panic attack choosing what she should wear outside...yes, Kristen will own that. It better be in there.

3.) Feather-flying, lingerie shredding, broken headboard sex!!!!!!!!!! Enuf said

4.) Bella seducing Edward

5.) Bella/Edward under some white sheets sans clothes

6.) Edward holding Bella's hair while she gets morning sickness...yeah, kinda gross but it made my heart explode when I saw Rob do it in Remember Me

7.) Edward's face when he finds out Bella's pregnant...Bella's reaction when she realizes she's pregnant

8.) Seeing the lil baby bump!!!

That's the main top things I want to see for part 1. What about you guys???

Yesterday we learned lil miss mackenzie foy will be playing Renesmee. Ummmm, how cute is she???? I mean she could legit pass as Kristen and Rob's RL child. We can dream right? And can we please fangirl over how much we are going to die a thousand deaths when we see Rob/Kristen holding a baby!

this could be a shot of Renesmee...perfection!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sincerely Apologize

First things first...I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, apologize for the serious lack of blogging. The comments I've gotten from many of you expressed so much interest in this blog and told me how much you enjoyed reading it.

Real life has gotten in the way big time. And by real life, I mostly mean work. I am currently in the process of looking for another job. I need something that is full-time w/benefits and also where I don't have to drive an hour to get to work. I am very blessed to have this current job, but it is taking a toll on me...mentally. I'd be surprised if I don't already have an ulcer from so much stress.

I recently just got back from Las Vegas a week ago. Let me tell you, that vacation was a God-send. During the day, I was able to hang by the pool at the hotel and read. Me time=absolute perfection! It was just what I needed. Too bad it had to end so soon. I already feel like I need another one. haha!

Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys on what was going on.

If any of you are good with blogger templates or have any interest in re-designing this blog, please let me know. I'm horrible at it, and the blog is in need of some serious work.

Again, so sorry for the lack of updates. I promise to be back to regular blogging soon (*crosses fingers*).

~hugs and kisses FLOVE you all!!!!!!

A few pics for you to drool over ;-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Wedding-Updated Ideas

A few things have changed since I originally posted about the wedding.

The tenative date for right now is April 30, 2011.

We are getting married here:

This is the campshed at our church...the pics below are some shots of it from one of my bf's wedding back in October

This is the color I'm thinking...but not the style of dress for the bridesmaids. I would like something more coral colored though.

I would love the decor to be themed around peach, yellow, and pink colors.

A peach rose bouquet would look beautiful with the dress color I think:

And's my dress!

Keep these wedding dress pics to yourself. I don't want too many ppl seeing them beforehand ;-)

Again, suggestions/ideas are very much welcome!!!!!!!! Luv you ladies!

A/N: thank you Crystal for the Vegas is very handy. I can't wait to sit down and go through it this weekend.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Wedding...This Time it's Mine!

My ideas for the most recent blog post have gotten pushed back a little. A pretty exciting event came up that I thought I would share with you guys instead. Some of you know what the big news is, but for those who don't.............I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!! Yes, after 3 and 1/2 years he finally proposed. Most of you are probably thinking it shouldn't have come as a shock when he did it. But believe you me, I was in shock! Let me tell you why. Sometimes he will joke around and get down a one knee to act like he's proposing. I think he just likes to make me squirm. So when he actually did it, I was saying, "omg, no, no, no, no...what are you doing?? are you serious right now?!?!?" Complete and utter 0_0 moment! Even though I love him to death, and we've been together for so long, the idea of being proposed to freaks me out<----#TrueFax


This past Saturday we went on about a one-mile hike up to this fire tower. The stairs up to the top of this thing were shaky and ridiculously steep. I'm not scared of heights, but this was pushing it. I told him on more than one occassion on the way up, "I can't go any farther. It's too high." lol. But we finally got up there and after admiring the view for a while, I decided to eat a Reece's cup. I sat down and plopped one in my mouth. He was behind me at this point trying to get me to turn around. But obviously I was too engrossed in my Reece's cup to pay attention to him. After giving up on that, he got up and was like, "You want to take some pictures?" I'm thinking, "Uhhhhh, okay, he never wants to take pictures." Yeah, should have been my first hint. The next thing I remember is turning around to see him on one knee. Cue my freak out when I actually saw the ring in his hand. 2 seconds after he got the ring on my finger, we had to haul ass down those steep stairs because he thought he heard someone coming up the road. He wasn't sure we were technically supposed to be up on that fire tower. WHOOPS! Anyway, I seriously talked the ENTIRE way back to the chair. The mile hike back seemed more like 1/4 of a mile because I was asking so many questions.

me with my ring when I finally got to the car and calmed down a little. we shall ignore the fact the I have NO makeup on.

Now that I've calmed down and have actually had time to swallow the word "fiance" (<----that's a hard word to start saying), it's time for me to start planning my wedding. By the time my cousin's wedding is done in October, I will have been a bridesmaid 3 times within the past 2 years. So, yeah, I've done my fair share of wedding planning. Now it's my turn, and i'm already FREAKING OUT! The hardest part for me is picking out colors and reception decor. Here's where you guys come in. Suggestions/ideas/thoughts anything are VERY VERY VERY much appreciated and welcomed with open arms!!!!! So this is a blog post you can comment on anytime within the next 8 months. Feel free to send me anything. Or even email. Here are my ideas so far.

This is the color I'm thinking for my bridesmaid dresses

I want their bouquets to be hot colored roses (yellow, orange, magenta). Something along these lines.

What do you guys think? What color flowers would you suggest for this dress color?

Secondly, the recpetion decor.......this is going to be a pain in the behind to figure out. Do you think pinks, oranges, and yellows would be a good color palette? Here are some pics I've found so far.