Monday, July 26, 2010

Ranting and Raving...and not in a good way

First off,

Dear Runaways DVD,

The release date for you was July 20th and Amazon is saying I won't get you until the 27th. You are only coming from KY, and I live in TN. 6 days to get here does NOT make sense to me. Please get here soon.

♥'s me

***Note: I actually got it on Friday. Got a text from Amazon during the day saying, “we are unable to deliver your package to the new address.” WTH?!? There was no change of address. Called my brother at home and he told me it was there. Shew, I thought I was going to have to throw down!

Speaking of the Runaways DVD, a ton of people were tweeting about seeing The Runaways last night. Most people are loving it…and that’s exciting! But after looking at a few tweets, I started to see a trend in tweeting about Kristen. People were saying, “I was surprised with Kristen…girl can actually act.” Uh, no shit asswipes! If you are just now realizing this, then I feel sorry for you. And it is blatantly obvious that you have not seen any of her other movies.

Okay, I’m about to go on a tangent so please bear with me. I am sick and tired of seeing stuff like this, “The Runaways was pretty good. It was nice seeing Kristen Stewart in something that doesn’t involve sparkly vampires.” What is up with people constantly bashing her performance in the Twilight movies?!? It’s getting so beyond old it’s not even funny. I understand it is not the finest piece of literature ever written (and we can thank the heavens that Kristen’s movie version of Bella is a shit ton better than book Bella) and we all poke fun at it from time-to-time in good fun, but good GOSH the constant hating is ridiculous! Let me ask you something, if people hate Twilight so much then why do they feel the need to constantly talk about it??? Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either. I have a cousin (and I love her to death don’t get me wrong) that feels the need to make fun of it everytime she’s around me. She’s read all the books but hasn’t seen any of the movies. And she wants to borrow the movies from me….and for what? So you can make fun of them after you’re done??? HA, I think not! Go borrow them from someone else.

Something else that irritates me is this whole “twilight vampires aren’t ‘real’ vampires.” I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that vampires DIDN’T actually exist! So where is the manual that says they have to be killed by a stake thru the heart or by being exposed to direct sunlight? Shouldn’t that be up for interpretation if they don’t exist? That is half of the fun in it…because they are not real, authors/filmmakers are able to create their own world with it. And yes, I probably just sounded like a huge nerd with that little rant, but hey I’m okay with it. I own it! LMAO.

Now on to my Kristen soap box…LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE! She is only 20-years-old. I haven’t seen anyone more scrutinized than she is…and for lame ass reasons too. If you have a problem with her because she does not conform to the “celebrity” persona, then you’ve got some serious issues going on. Let’s get this straight, so your issues with her are which one of these? 1.) She cares way more about her fans than the promotional aspect, 2.) She does not feel the need to give away every single detail of her personal life, 3.) She puts 150% into the roles she plays, 4.) She cares so much about what she does that she does not want what she says to sound insincere, 5.) She gets nervous when in large crowds of people (because be honest, normal people would never be like that *sarcasm*), 6.) She doesn’t enjoy 30 paparazzi (guys) chasing her through airports or whenever she goes out (cause Lord knows that doesn’t make girls uncomfortable AT ALL) 7.) I could go on for days……

….So which one will it be???

I wrote this blog several days ago and wanted to publish it over the weekend but didn’t get a chance to. I guess it happened for a reason, because I really want to address the paparazzi situation that went down with Rob this weekend. I heard about the pics and the website that posted the video.

Dear Shittastic gossip site (I’m not naming names),

Your article about what actually went down that night was total bullshit! You spun the story your own way to get hits, and what happened in the video was nothing like you wrote.

Not so sincerely,

I watched the video, and I was absolutely disgusted! The man is just trying to get home for crap’s sake! He even said in the video how it makes him uncomfortable to drive when people are following him. Let’s face it, if you hate driving and you have like 5 people tailing you, then that poses for a very nervewracking situation. He didn’t even yell in the video…just calmly asked them to stop following him….to his freaking house! Yeah, I do not see how this isn’t an invasion of privacy or harassment what these papz do! And don’t even get me started on those cops. Protect and serve my ass! It’s a really sad day when you ask for help from the police and all they do is just stand there. I seriously would like to send them a dictionary with the word “harassment” highlighted and underlined…because I honestly don’t think they know the meaning of the word.

If I hear one more person say, “well they are a celebrity, they asked for it!” then you are personally inviting me to slap you across the face. These people are human beings like the rest of us and don’t deserve having their privacy invaded! Nor should they have to endure the feeling of being unsafe when 15 papz are following them trying to find their house. Why is that so hard to comprehend for some people???

Okay, I’m done for now….

Breaking Dawn fantasy post should be up in the next few days.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dollyhood! will make sense later

Gah, this has been a slow news week. Twitter is like a ghost town. I guess it’s a good thing for blogs though…since they are not having to update with interviews, pics, etc. every 5 minutes (aka Eclipse promo tour).

I tried googleing “frantic at the computer” and found this pic…

I don’t know what job this guy has, but I sure as HELL do not want it!!!

Even though Twitter has been pretty much dead, I have noticed a lot of people twatting about the heat. What is up with this ungodly heat wave these past several weeks?! I mean I would literally walk from the parking lot of work into my building and be sweating (and it ain’t that far of a walk!). My brother and I went to Dollywood last week (more on that later) and I see these girls with their perfectly smooth hair. HA! FTS! Some girls were even in sundresses….um, it’s an amusement park. Who wears sundresses to amusement parks? NOT I! My hair was in a ponytail most of the time…I had on a t-shirt and shorts. And my hair was DEFINITELY not smooth. Let me just give you a little info about my hair. It’s straight…and that’s about all it does. But for some reason unbeknownst to me, it likes to frizz in humidity. Won’t do anything else any other time, but it’s frizzy and wavy in humid weather. Makes sense? No I didn’t think so either.

So yeah, Dollywood. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s basically the only amusement park in East Tennessee. I had not been since I was in high school, so I decided my brother and I were going while I had two weeks off from work. The night before we left, I was sitting at the kitchen table telling my mom how I had not been in forever. My brother goes, “Yeah, I’m pretty much excited!” This doesn’t sound funny. But the look on his face when he said it was pretty freaking priceless. He’s 18 (almost 19) and I’m 22 (almost 23) if that tells you anything…

….my reaction to the Dollywood adventure……… was freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Going with only 2 people is the only way to go. You usually get into a different line for rides…meaning you get to the front of the line quicker. 2nd ride we rode was intense. We both had drool and tears flying everywhere. THIS=bomb diggity ride! 3rd ride-you went down a big dip, then suddenly stopped. You look up to find the roller coaster does a 90 degree incline. OH yes! I would have paid to have someone take a pic of my brother and I’s face at this moment. It would have been epic!

Okay, enough of my gushing about an amusement park like I was 5. On to some Twilight related stuff. So one of my bff’s called me the other day to tell me my Aunt had gone and seen Eclipse. I was stunned and speechless. My Aunt makes fun of my Twilight obsession all the time and snarls her nose at the thought of reading “vampire” books. Not her thing. So she apparently goes into their young adult meeting the other night and says, “Okay guys…Team Edward or Team Jacob?” I’m giggling like a little girl while my bff is telling me this. Then she said, “your aunt is Team Jacob.”

…………………………………………………………………….WHAT?!?!?! Fail Aunt Sarah, BIG.EPIC.FAIL! I then proceed to text her and ask her what this is all about. She tells me that based on the movie and looks only she is Team Jacob. Ummmm, what? LOOKS? Now we have an even bigger problem. I texted her back and was like, “You think he’s better looking than Edward?!? Don’t you think he looks like my brother? You do know he’s 18 right?!?!?!” Her response, yes to all 3 questions. Then she asked me, “You think the movie Edward is better looking than Jacob? Oh please! No comparison, sorry!” LIES LIES LIES LIES! Let's just say we had to move to safer territory after hearing this...

Nothing much has happened in Rob/Kristen news other than some super UNF-worthy WFE tux pics that came out….. words

smoking never looked so good

I don't know what he's doing here, but it makes me giggle

Next up…there are rumors swirling around that the #WFE set is coming to Chattanooga, TN to film for a few days. And guess what, I only live a few hours away! Que my endless fangirling last night when I found this out!!! Omg, I can’t tell you how excited I am! There has been no 100% confirmation if Rob is coming yet or not, but they are saying some of the scenes being filmed are key scenes. So I’m crossing every part of my body possible in hopes that he shows up!! Seriously, I texted me friend who is my RL Rob/Twilight obsessor and said, “ROAD TRIP!!!!!!” haha. I texted my friend and was like, “Can you imagine if we actually met him?!?! What would you say???” I like to think of myself as one of the sane fans…not those crazies that start crying and screaming (possibly running up and attacking him). So yeah, I don’t even know if I would be able to say anything at all. Stunned into silence. I just told my friend that I hope the words, “omg, I LOVE YOU!” do NOT come out of mouth. She has permission to slap me if they do. Because let’s face it, I would be second-hand embarrassed if I said that. I’ll let you know next week in the next couple of weeks whether or not they’ll be an “OMG I MET ROBERT PATTINSON” post. Let’s hope for the best!

Now that this post has been like a freaking novel, I will just leave you with this.

Complete and utter *FACEPALM* These are the type of batshit crazy fans I’m talking about. ***Parents-shame on you for letting your child do this…and for you for PAYING FOR IT!

Teens getting 'Twilight' fangs put in by dentists when 'Twilight' vampires don't have fangs -

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breaking Dawn Fantasy Post

In my last post I talked about doing a fantasy Breaking Dawn post. I thought it would be something fun to do since we are now embarking on this craptastic drought until next November (or at least until October when they start filming).

I want to do this in 2 different parts. The 1st part if going to be the wedding. The 2nd part will be the honeymoon and a couple of other things. Ideally, I would like you guys to email me your fantasy items, and I will do a huge compilation post. This won't be fun without participation from you guys, so get this out to your friends!

The Wedding Post will include things like:

1.) Bella's Dress, hair, garter, shoes, jewelry
2.) Edward's tux
3.) Alice's bridesmaid dress
4.) Inside the house decor
5.) Bouquets
6.) First dance song
7.) Bella/Charlie song
8.) Outdoor decor
9.) ....and anything else you guys can think of.

I want to keep it pretty close to the book. Certain things in the book aren't described that well (like Bella's dress for example) so some parts will just have to be a guess. Let me just tell you, I googled "Anne of Green Gables" style wedding dress and what came up was down-right frightening! It was all ugly, long-sleeved nightmares! Let's hope we have a more modern twist to the dress for Breaking Dawn. *crossing fingers*

So start sending me ur things. Email me about

I will be collecting things for probably another week or so. Look forward to seeing all ur ideas!!!

P.S. Kudos to whoever drew this pic. I found it on google. It's pretty stinking AMAZING!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why is There Actually a Team Jacob?!?!

I apologize for waiting so long to update the blog. It's been a lazy past couple of weeks. I have been off since the end of June and have to go back to work this Friday...which is gonna SUCK! Waking up at 5:45 is gonna be a bitch since 9:00 has pretty much been my new schedule.

Just an FYI, this post is definitely going to embody the title of the blog-random rants. Several things I want to touch on. First is some Eclipse stuff.

Number 1-Why are there even Teams in the saga? I mean, I completely get that Jacob is a vital character in the story, and I love T. Lautner...but Team Jacob?!? WHY? Reality check......HE LOSES!!!!!!!!! I mean honestly, do Team Jacob fans not read the books? When Taylor and Kristen went to the fan event in Austrailia for the Eclipse promo, this interviewer asked these 2 girls why they were Team Jacob fans. One of the girls said, "because Jacob is soooo much sweeter and nicer than Edward." Ummmmmm....excuse me, but what planet do you live on because I'm pretty sure Jacob is an asswipe through 3/4 of the books! I think there is another version of the books floating around somewhere for the Jacob fans....because sometimes I feel like we r not even reading the same ones.

I ran across this shirt on CafePress...oh yes, and I bought it!!!

Speaking of Jacob fans, I went to see Eclipse for the 3rd time by myself (because i'm that cool) the other day. Two middle-aged women sat directly behind me. And I 99.9% sure one of them was an avid Team Jacob fan because every time Taylor came on the screen, she sounded like she had a big O. Seriously, the sounds she made had me throwing up in my mouth a little. I wanted to turn around and be like, "Dude, he just turned 18, that's gross." I'm only 22 and still find it a little weird to stare at his perfectly-sculpted abs. wait what?? lol. Plus, he reminds me wayyyy too much of my brother. Legit, some girls call my brother Jacob Black and Taylor yeah, a little weird for me.

hehe, Taylor I love you, but I thought this was hilarous!

Number 2-To be perfectly honest, I hated the Sia song "My Love" when I bought the Eclipse soundtrack. People were saying it was their fav song from the soundtrack, and I literally thought, "whaaaattt? r we listening to the same thing?!?" But ever since I saw the leg hitch/proposal scene, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It's like I'm listening to a completely different song. It may have something to do with the fact that I imagine Kristen, er Bella jumping into Rob's, um Edward's arms everytime I hear it.

What did you guys think of the score? I have heard a lot of people say they hated it. Me...I thought it was one of the best scores so far. I am in love with it!

Now for the random...

ummm, HELLO! how in the hell did I miss this?!?!? And then I saw the BTS video of them filming this scene the other day. I guess I was on vacay or something when this came out because I don't know how I missed it. But seeing this reminds me of all the baby talk Rob has done recently ;-) Someone should totally write a fanfic about this...Rob/Kristen/baby.

Some pretty great things have happened recently like this:

0_0!!!!!!!! Holy UNF!

Yes, YEs, YES! Dear Kristen-please always keep ur hair this color. You look GORGEOUS! <3's me

#Trufax-This pic is stuck on the side of my filing cabinet at work. Is that too much? Probably, oh well, I'm pretty sure all of my students have realized my obsession by now. P.S. Yes, I know Taylor is supposed to be in the pic, but it is much better like this ;-)

Can I legit tell you how excited I was when the livestream camera went over to Kristen posing for pics, and then here comes Rob walking up to her??? I'm pretty sure I was on the edge of my chair screaming, "they're gonna do it!!!!" and when they actually did, I literally jumped out of the chair and squealed. I'm glad my brother was in a different room when this happened. Because he already thinks I've gone off the deep end. And I don't think I need to address the way she's clinging to him...that in itself says enough :-) There are tons more pics from that night, so I will address those in another post.

Can we please discuss these? Because I'm pretty sure when I clicked on the link to these fine gems on Twitter, I nearly fell out of my chair. I had no idea that these awaited me on the other side of the link, so I was a wee bit unprepared.




Sorry if this post seems unorganized, but I had a lot of random little things I wanted to talk about. Promise the next post will be a little bit more coherent. I'm still trying to navigate my way through using blogger.

One little thing I wanted to discuss before ending is a post I want to do in the near future. It is a post that would be loads of fun with participation from you guys. So let your friends know (because doing this with only 4 followers aint gonna cut it). I want to do a Breaking Dawn fantasy post...because let's be serious, we're gonna need something to tide us over until next FREAKING November when the 1st part comes out. This depresses me, but I guess set pics for Breaking Dawn are only a couple months away.

Anyway, the things I want to post about are like fantasy:

1.) Wedding dress
2.) Decor
3.) Flowers
4.) Wedding songs
5.) Honeymoon location
6.) Honeymoon house
7.) Honeymoon songs (naughty or nice ;-))
8.) What their cottage would look like

...or anything else you guys can think of to discuss. So get this out there to your friends, and I will try to compile a big post for this. I think it will be lots of fun! And who knows, maybe we will send our ideas/demands to MR ;-)

big shout out to @vonch on Twitter for the push to update my blog!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse-Holy Shiznit!

I've been neglecting the blog for about a week or so (it's not like I have that many followers to entertain or, but I cannot load blogger on my work computer for some reason...and it sucks!

My last post was going to be about the Eclipse LA Premiere cause all kinds of epic stuff went down. But we will get to that later. Right now I want to discuss the movie.

And O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David Slade, ily! Soooo amazing.

Here are some things that really stood out to me...mostly positive and great:

1.) 1st scene-HELLO RILEY! U r SEXY!

2.) The 1st meadow scene-so sweet and HOT! I could barely hold myself together within the first five minutes. The teasing was…yummy!

3.) Protective/Jealous/Worried Edward gave me butterflies…for real

4.) Beginning of movie felt kinda rushed and choppy in bits…but hey, there’s a lot of material to fit within 2 hrs.

5.) The middle/end of the movie paced out better…not as rushed

6.) Charlie/Bella “talk” was PURE WIN!

7.) One of my best friends that went with me is officially Team Jasper...she said Edward comes first, then Jasper. lol

8.) Leg Hitch-O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was shot totally different than I expected it to be, and it was AWESOME! It was perfection at it’s finest.

9.) The Proposal was so sweet-you could tell he was nervous. But when she accepted and he picked her up off the bed and swung her around…yeah I died a little inside. Freaking most adorable thing EVER! And that smile he got on his face whenever she said yes....yes, yes, yes! I was a little disappointed that we didn't get these angles...

10.) Jacob/Bella kiss-little bit longer than I expected it to be. I was like, “OKAYYYY, we can stop now.” My friend was literally dying beside me because she hated it. lol. But it didn’t bother me too much. I could sense the emotion in it.

11.) Fight scene-WIN!

12.) Edward/Riley/Victoria fight-Even better! Fightward for the win!

13.) I haven't seen anyone else mention this in their reviews...but did anyone see the part after Edward killed Victoria and he came back over to Bella and ripped that piece of her shirt to stop the bleeding? yes, that ONE! OMG, I about killed over. Something about ripping her shirt that fast was unbelievably HOT! I know I went, "omg!" before I realized what he was doing. haha!

14.) End meadow scene-LOVED it! those were some of the best scenes. The look Edward gets in his eyes when Bella is making her speech is beyond heartbreaking…in a good way.

Whew, that was long. Sorry! But yeah, it was Freaking Amazing! Can’t wait to go see it about 5 more times. I want to see it by myself…I can enjoy it more then. So my brother and I are going again tomorrow at lunch to see it. I had to bribe him and say that I would go play disc golf afterwards. :-/ Have any of you ever played that??? Cause I suck at it...bad! It is embarrassing. Last time I went with him, I made sure no one else was around us. lol.

P.S. Rob/Kristen’s chemistry was off the charts in the movie! It was beyond words. You could really tell how much more natural and relaxed they were with each other. The teasing and lightheartedness that they brought to Edward/Bella was a much needed plus for this movie.

Here are some pics from last night's midnight premiere

yes, I went full-on cheese for my Eclipse premiere shirt. lol

my good friend Megan (she's the one that died during the Bella/Jacob kiss)

getting ready