Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alligators and Elephants

The past two days have been pretty epic in Rob world. We've gotten VF pics and interviews and then like 15 different WFE goodies. We'll tackle VF first because I've got some lengthy opinions on that.

Last week, we got some teasers of the VF photoshoot when someone released BTS pics of the shoot. And there were instantly mixed opinions. Mainly because of the Amish vibe that was floating around (ie the hat). Then came the news that Rob with be on the cover with the hat...and an alligator. Ummmm, what?!? o_O

*while it's not my fav look, HOLY UNF at his open loose shirt and low, snug black pants!*

Then came the two pics inside the magazine that made up for the cover...

*PianoRob always a WIN*

*any words right now would be inappropriate...licks computer screen*

DO WANT outtakes of this photoshoot like WOAH! I mean, specifically outtakes of this....

While the pictures were very nice to look at, the interview was sad to say the least. Sad and disturbing in a way that will HOPEFULLY make certain "fans" think twice about what they do or say. The whole interview sort of had a melancoly tone. Rob sounded defeated and tired. And to be 100% honest, I can see why. In the interview, people associated with WFE were describing how during the Tennessee portion of filming, girls were banging on restuarant windows. First off, I'm second-hand embarrassed at this because i'm a resident of this state. I tend to proud myself on our southern hospitality, but this is so beyond what we stand for. Second of all, just WOW. How crazy and rude can you be? And we wonder why they turned all ninja and we never see them anywhere. It's because we drive them in a hole!

Rob also made the comment about not being sure whether or not acting was his life-long passion (I think it's music but that's just my opinion). I'm afraid if the craziness that is this fandom keeps getting worse, then he might disappear from acting for good. *END LECTURE*

Now on to WFE. Today is a new trailer and then a new tv spot during American Idol. WFE stills were released please excuse me while I stare at the pretty again.

Yesterday someone tweeted about a Ryan Secreast interview airing this morning. Short notice, but the interview was really good. Short and sweet. He sounded really happy and upbeat which was a good turn-a-round from the interview in VF. Plus he was doing the interview on the Breaking Dawn set and you could hear people yelling "CUT!" and "ACTION!" in the background which was kind of surreal. P.S. Rob should always talk about animals in his interviews!

*UPDATE: Now that we got the trailer, I have included that in the post. And also the AI tv spot that aired.

[A/N: Sorry for the thrown-together blog post. Too many goodies thrown at us at once (psst, whatever...who am I kidding?!?). Have a great weekend lovlies! Also, I've created a new tumblr. Couldn't use the same name as the blog because it was too long. So it's Bare with me as I scream at my computer trying to figure out how to use it.]