Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catching Up-Babies, Feathers, and WFE

I know I apologize everytime I don't blog in like a month, but I sincerely mean it! It feels like life hasn't slowed down at all in the past few weeks. Plus with Christmas right around the corner, it makes things even worse.

Just a disclaimer. I hate shopping! Well I love shopping for me by myself...but I hate buying presents unless I know exactly what that person wants. You can imagine what Black Friday is to me...

Yeah, that does not even look REMOTELY fun. Black Friday=torture for me. I have not the patience or the tolerance for that craziness. I know some of you may enjoy it, so more POWER TO YOU!

Anywho, moving on...

Some exciting news/pics have happened in the past few weeks. Since Rob and Kristen got back from Brazil, it has been DEAD. I mean like zip, nada, nothing. No set pics or anything. This=WE ARE DYING OVER HERE WITHOUT ANY UPDATES. Other than the ocassional "spoilers" from the script being tweeted, we got nothing.

So yesterday, when this little pic came out, Twitter literally exploded...for multiple reasons. More so that Rob is holding an actual BABY rather than the drought we were going through.

Even though I can't really make too many complaints about this pic, but it would have been even more epic if Kristen was standing there instead of Alex (aka Sue Clearwater). I guess we can excuse that since it's her child. Can you imagine the reaction if Rob AND Kristen would have been in that same photo?!?!

A few weeks before this on Thanksgiving, I logged onto Facebook and saw that Twilight added this pic...

*HOLY UNF...DEAD* 0_0!

As soon as I saw it, I logged onto Twitter to see that no one had tweeted about it yet. So I like to think I was the first one that saw it...yeah right. But anyway, Twitter literally exploded again. And for good reason. Kristen's arms+feathers=OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Let's just hope Bill Condon keeps up the tradition and posts a new pic on every holiday (Easter, Lent, Martin Luther King Jr. Groundhog Day, whatev...we will take it!). Like for Christmas, the fandom requests a shot of Rob breaking a headboard. Not sure we would survive. Let's just hope this shot actually makes it into the film.

One of the best updates we received in the past few weeks isn't related to Breaking Dawn at all. But for Water for Elephants. We all got surprised yesterday when Entertainment Tonight released a teaser from the WFE trailer we are supposed to get today. HOLY DEAD, Roberto looks F-I-N-E!!!!!

WFE teaser trailer and Rob baby pic curtesy of robstenation.blogspot

[If I don't talk to you guys before Christmas, have a very happy holiday (for those that celebrate) filled with peace, love, and happiness!]

***UPDATE added the whole WFE trailer. ummm....yeah, looks absolutely MAGICAL!